The office of the Provost coordinates the activities of the entire College.


 The Provost

The Provost is the Chief Executive of the College, and he is charged with the general responsibility for matters relating to the day today management of the College.



Vision of the College:

To be a centre of excellence where highly qualified, competent and motivated Science, Vocational and technical teachers are produced for Nigerian Basic educational Level.



Mission of the College:

To produce trained, disciplined and motivated teachers that will meet the needs for primary and post primary education in the country.




The objectives of the College are:

  1. To attract highly qualified and motivated Academic, administrators and middle level power to produce excellent Teachers.
  2. To provide essential infrastructural facilities needed for the production of Teachers.
  3. To attract qualified and motivated students for training as Teachers.
  4. To encourage the development of the spirit of quality and creativity.
  5. To help teachers fit into the solid life of the community and society at large and to enhance their commitment to National objectives.
  6. To provide teachers with intellectual and professional background adequate for their assignment and to make them adaptable to any changing situation.
  7. To enhance Teachers commitment to teaching profession.





The following units operate under the Provost office:

Public Relations Unit

The Public Relations Unit is charged with the following responsibilities:

  • Image & reputation Management
  • Counseling on Information Management
  • Protocol functions
  • Publications
  • Public enlightenment
  • Community Relation
  • Media Relation
  • Event Management.


Procurement Unit

The Unit carries out the following responsibilities:

  • Planning, execution and supervision of physical development projects of the College and other procurement functions.



Computer Centre
  • Provides conducive atmosphere for research work both within and outside the College and globally through internet services.
  • Promotes computer literacy and awareness programmes among staff and students.
  • Ensures proper ICT infrastructural developments in the College; such as:
  1. Networking of the entire College.
  2. Computerization of College services.


  • Installation and maintenance of all computers in the College.
  • Enhances skill to develop, implement support and exploit ICT resources effectively and efficiently.
  • Provides quality network infrastructure and improve student and staff access to ICT services in line with the College priorities.

For smooth running and services of the Unit, the Unit is divided into three sections:

  • Wireless section – for the provision of wireless/wired connection to offices, staff and students within the College and also provides internet connection to outside clients through the provision of limited and unlimited schemes.
  • Cyber Café section – provides internet services to our customers through the sale of tickets and work in accounts.
  • Computer pool – it is a computer pool for NCE and Degree students practical. It also provides internet services for internet related trainings/workshops.



Internal Audit

The Unit is charged with the following responsibility:

  • Reviewing accounting, financial administrative and other operations of the College as a basis of services to all level of Management.
  • Continuously tests the adequacy, effectiveness and efficiency of the system of internal control put in place by Management and compliance with the financial regulations.
  • Provides adequate security of assets, financial or otherwise.
  • Ensures compliance to process and statutory provision by Management.
  • Reports observations to the Provost and recommends the appropriate corrective measure for safeguard.
  • Ensures that the College financial operations and other related activities are carried out regularly and promptly.



GOFCECON is a college limited liability company registered on the 14th February, 2005 with the Co-operate Affairs Commission No. (RC:61601).   

The Company undertakes consultancy services in the following areas: 

  • Computer Training in General and Advance Certificates.
  • Technical services such as woodwork, metal work fabrications and blocks production.
  • Agricultural services such as poultry, egg production and milling of poultry feeds.
  • Staff commodity services supply.
  • Offers Professional Teacher Training workshop in conjunction with relevant bodies such as SUBEB/UBEC.
  • Offers Printing Press services.
  • Runs hotel & Hospitality Management.
  • Offers Cleaning services.
  • Runs Security services.



 Security Unit 

The Security Unit is in charge of the following functions: 

  • Ensures the security of lives and property within the College campus and the College staff Residential Quarters.
  • Helps in maintaining cordial relationship with student’s union government and serves as a bridge between the students and the management whenever the need arises.
  • Networks with other security agencies to ensure adequate security in the College.
  • Patrols nooks and crannies of the college community at all times curtailing trespass and intrusion by criminals.
  • Intervenes for dialogue in any court or police case involving college staff or student.
  • Collaborates with Public Relations unit in the production of staff and students Identity Cards.
  • Takes part in the college day today functions for surveillance.



 College Clinic 

The College Clinic takes care of the following: 

  • Provides primary medical services to the College Community.
  • Provides health care services to the College community at a subsidized and affordable rate.
  • Delivers enlightenment campaigns on pressing health issues.
  • Carries out immunization activities.
  • Refers serious cases of health care to appropriate hospitals.



 Research and Development Unit 

The Research and Development Centre have the following responsibilities:

  • To build and sustain strategic research clusters of excellence among staff and students.
  • To organize conferences, workshops and seminars that will promote cross-fertilization of ideas among participants.
  • To publish and sustain College Journal that is of international repute.
  • To encourage staff in book publishing that will meet the academic needs of the College Community and beyond.
  • To establish partnership with sister Colleges, other tertiary institutions, industries and government with the view to developing and boosting researches.
  • To emphasize across the targeted strategic research clusters inter disciplinary initiatives that result in nationally and internationally recognized distinctive and innovative sponsored research programmes.
  • To foster research partnership, integrating research programmes across the College and promoting opportunities for collaboration with other Colleges in Nigeria.
  • To foster systematic integration of the research experience in NCE and undergraduate programmes leading to research based learning in the academic disciplines across the Colleges.
  • To build and sustain strategic research clusters of excellence that leverage existing College strengths, match well with future directions of the College, and offer a good career.



 Academic Planning & Quality Assurance Unit:
  • Preparation of the college programmes and revision of academic briefs.
  • Develops criteria suitable for academic planning, processing, resource management and updating of plans to fiscal realities.
  • Co-ordinates academic programmes of the College.
  • Monitors execution and ensures strict adherence to the planned academic progammes g lectures, examinations and allied activities such as  Teaching practice and SIWES.
  • Ensures maintenance of standard in all the College programmes of study through periodic curriculum review and revision.
  • Holds regular meetings and dialogues with relevant stakeholders to ensure smooth implementation of the College academic programmes as planned and scheduled.



 College Farm
  • Ensures best of practical knowledge for students specializing in Agriculture related fields.
  • Provides conducive environment for research and development in Agriculture.
  • Boosts revenue generation in the institution.




Servicom unit carries out the following functions: 

  • Ensures staff punctuality to work
  • Monitors and ensures prompt and quality service delivery
  • Responses to complaints from staff and students and acts accordingly.
  • Ensures proper maintenance of office equipment.
  • Monitors and ensures staff and student’s compliance to college dress code.