The 21st century era, is appropriately labelled as the information age where human endeavor largely depend on information. It is even more anticipated that the demand by staff and prospective students for skills in information technology and Data storage would be on the increase. It was on that note that proposal was forwarded for development of Management Information System Unit (MIS) Directorate to the College.

Thus, College created the Directorate of Management Information System (MIS), and mandated it to enhance information technology, management and service delivery for the College. From its inception in May, 2018 the directorate use to outlineyearly Action Planwith the anticipatedactivities to be achieved in eachyear.

Also, the MIS has continued working on and managing the College website, with the support of the portal managers Briatek Computer Ltd.

The Directorate is having two (2) offices allocated to it at the College Auditorium opposite the new Admin block. The rest of the staff members are squatting at the College Computer Center building including the newly deployed staff.


MIS Staff Members:

S/N Name Rank
1 Dr. Ali, Usman Abdullahi Director
2 Halima Sanda Malik PRN. Computer Officer
3 Sadiya Mohammed Dala Asst. Chief Data  Analyst
4 AbubakarAbdullahi Asst. Chief Data Analyst
5 Mustapha AdamuGirbo Higher Data Processing Officer
6 SalihoHashimu Jada Program Analyst I
7 Mohammad SaiduAbubakar Program Analyst II
AliyuBuhariMairiga Program Analyst II
8 Ayodele Adebayo Olumide Program Analyst I
9 Umaru Manu Admin Officer I
10 Yahuza Ahmed Jawahir Admin Officer II
11 Hassan Usman Adamu Confidential Sec
12 Abdullahi Usman Adamu Chief Clerical Officer
13 KhalifahAbubakarMhammad Clerical Assistant
14 Mustapha Abdallahi Clerical Assistant
15 AuwalAdamu Clerical Assistant
16 Buhari Sani Garba Clerical Assistant


Some of the basic functions carried out by the MIS directorate are:

  1. Management of staff information data base
  2. Management of students’ information
  3. Advise on network infrastructure procurement, para writing programme and software design and development for the college operations
  4. Responsible for students’ online admission, registration, administration and result processing in collaboration with Briatek computers solution the portal service providers.
  5. Providing online admission letter printing system and online school fees payment in collaboration with Briatek computers solution the portal service providers.
  6. Uploading students’ online courses for registration.

Other Services Delivered

  1. Summer Semester

The MIS directorate coordinated the online students registration during the last summer semester held April and June 2019.Also, it is coordinating registration of this year’s summer semester coming up in April-May 2020.

2.Admission Forms and Registration online

The MIS have continued its coordination of sales of admission forms and registration online for candidates and haveextended the service to Professional Diploma,Pre-NCE and undergraduate candidates. There were some challenges along the way, however, they were all surmounted and the exercise was on the overall successful.

  1. Students Registration

The MIS have proposed and presented a memo at the College Academic Board for the imposing of Registration Closing Date. A three (3) weeks registration and one (1) week late periods were approved by the board and were effected starting from the 2019/2020 session registration for returning Students. The Remitter number generation and payment of School fees is done by the students at their places of choice. The Staff of Directorate are handling the online course registration and also checking to ensure students choose the right courses, Add and drop, inclusion ofcarry-over are all considered firstbefore the registration.

The online registration through the upgraded portal, have included the online approvals at the stages of Course Advisers, HODs and Admission officers to further checkmate students’ inconsistencies in registration. Furthermore, the imposition of the online registration hasmade it only possible for dully registered students to have their results compiled.

Achievements of the Directorate

  1. Successful organization for student online admission, registration, administration and result processing.
  2. Successful provision of online admission letter printing system and online school fees payment.
  3. Successful organization of training for staff of the college in collaboration with google digital trainers.

Other achievements are:

  1. Training on Uploading students’ exams results
  2. Google Digital skills training by Edu-Bridge Google digital skills trainers
  3. Building on students data
  4. Re-training of Academic Staff on upgrade version of the Portal