The Works and Services Department started as a Unit referred to as Estate Unit in 1977 and much later a planning Officer was employed to head the Unit with few members of staff comprising mostly craftsmen, artisans, cleaners and labourers.

The Unit metamorphosed into a full pledged Department in 1990 and from that time, it continues to grow in both scope of schedules and staff strength.

The department is charged with the responsibilities of planning and executing of infrastructural and physical development features, the general maintenance and repairs of all electrical, mechanical, carpentry, plumbing, masonry, glazing, painting, decoration, landscaping, and welding activities of the college.

It also provides transportation services and supplies water to the entire college community.

The Director of Works and Services, heads the department, he also implements Council and Management decisions on capital projects and responsible to the Provost for the day to day administration of the department.



Effective service delivery through collaboration with various schools, Departments and the entire College community to build and maintain a qualitative learning environment using modern technology with cooperation from the stake holders.



To provide excellent, qualitative and transparent services for the continues   improvement of college infrastructural development.



  • Maintenance, transportations and technical advisory services.
  • Facilities up keeping
  • Facilities development
  • Team work and partnership


Presently, the department has three units which comprise of

  1. Maintenance Unit
  2. Estate development Unit
  3. Transport Unit

Maintenance unit, is one of the units under the works and services department. The unit is responsible for all types of maintenance work operation in the college.  Such as electrical, mechanical, civil and carpentry works.


The real Estate Development unit is one of the units that constitutes the works and services department; it is saddle with the burden of planning and executing of the all types of infrastructural and physical development works of the college.  The unit also comprises of the following sections,

  1. Town Planning section
  2. Landscaping section.
  3. Building section
  4. Civil section

The transport unit is one of the units under works and services department of the college responsible for planning, controlling, coordinating  and maintenance of all college vehicles and generators (plants) to meet the day to day needs of the college in terms of efficient transportation and power generation, also providing and distribution  of portable water to the college community.